PMC17 Europe

23 June 2017

9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Across Europe, governments are increasingly requiring prisons to engage in the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners. 
How do we respond?

Prison Officers, Chaplains and Churches from around Europe will be sharing best practice around working together towards rehabilitation inside prison and what can be done after leaving prison to reintegrate ex-offenders into society?

International speakers such as Paul Cowley MBE, Revd. Emmy Wilson and Peter Jones will share about successful programs and strategies in prisons and with ex-offenders in Poland, the UK and the Netherlands to reduce reoffending.

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Revd. Paul Cowley MBE

Founder of Caring for Ex-Offender

Paul is the Founder of Caring for Ex-Offenders and the Bishop’s Advisor to Prisons in London. An ex-offender himself, Paul served in the army for 17 years before becoming an ordained minister in the Church of England. Paul pioneered Alpha in Prisons across the world. He has 20 years’ experience of working with people inside and outside prison and with socially excluded and vulnerable adults.

Revd. Emmy Wilson

Chaplain to Prisoners Worldwide and Founder of Alpha in Prisons

Emmy has been on staff at Holy Trinity Brompton since 1985 and is Chaplain to Prisoners Worldwide. Emmy began ministering to the poor and to women on the streets in London and in Women’s prisons, before starting Alpha in Prisons.

Peter Jones

Global Development - Alpha in prisons

Peter is the Head of Global Development for Alpha in prisons. He ran Alpha in all categories of prisons in the UK for seven years. He was previously a youth worker working with teenage gangs. Peter has a Masters Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. 

Rob Rogers

Aldates for Community Transformation

Rob runs Aldates for Community Transformation, a church based ex-offender programme in Oxford, UK. Working in local prisons and in the probation hostels, Rob ministers to those coming out of prison including overseeing three church-run houses for ex-offenders and over 60 volunteers.

Father Adam Jabłoński

Head of Prison Chaplains, Poland

Father Adam has been a Chaplain for Czerwony Bór Prison for many years and now works as Head of all Prison Chaplains in Poland. He ministers both to offenders in prison and ex-offenders, helping them to reintegrate in innovative ways.

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Stefan van der Heijden

ToReachIt, Netherlands

Stefan is an ex-offender, who came out of prison and began to work with ex-offenders. He now runs ToReachIt in Netherlands, an organisation dedicated to the successful reintegration of prisoners back into the community.


23rd June

9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Main session 1 - The Prison Environment

  • Introduction to Prison Ministry: Father Adam Jabłoński
  • Prisons and the Challenges of Rehabilitation: Panel Discussion
  • Andrzej Prześlak interview.

Main session 2 – Rehabilitation in Prison

  • How is Alpha supporting the rehabilitation process? Peter Jones                       
  • Prison as a Place of Ministry: Stanisław Majcher SJ                                                                    
  • What Difference does Alpha make in a Prison - Fr Richard Stolarczyk

Main session 3 - Reintegration Community

  • Caring for Ex-Offenders: Paul Cowley                                                      
  • The Local Church: Working with Probation, Housing and Prisons: Rob Rogers
  • After Care Ministry in the Netherlands: Stefan van der Heijden
  • Care of Ex-Offenders in Poland: Ks. Adam Jabłoński


  • The Extraordinary Story of Alpha in Prisons: Emmy Wilson & Paul Cowley                           
  • Interviews with Ex-Offenders
  • Global perspective of Prisons and Rehabilitation: Peter Jones


24th June

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

On the second day we invite everyone who'd like to learn how to run Alpha in Prison to special Alpha Prisons training that will take place in Cracow.

For more information on the training click here.


Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec

37 Benedyktyńska Steet

The Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec with St. Peter and St. Paul's church is located in south-western part of Cracow. It was established in 11th century and over the years it has maintained Roman, Gothic and Baroque artworks. It is closely linked with the history of Poland, and is featured in various movies and novels. Within the Abbey grounds are the Abbey's Museum and the Guest House, where PMC Conference will be held.

If you want to stay at the Abbey contact us at

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